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About Bookingsync

Bookingsync is a professional service aimed at agents and property managers who work with multiple properties and several owners, often across multiple countries. The business model is remote partnership, with 41 collaborators in 17 different nations. As a French cloud-based start-up, Bookingsync raised over 1 million in investment and now offers hosting, website development and an advanced developer API to cover all customer needs. Having been running since 2010, they are also one of the most established vacation rental management providers around.

Key features

Bookingsync’s software can deal with large amounts of traffic and inflow from multiple properties and platforms simultaneously. Because of this, the automated payment and notifications / communication systems are particularly robust and efficient. The extra level of detail required to produce a system that can handle over a thousand properties at once makes the setup stage, which other software providers do not typically offer, even more crucial to ensuring that the user’s site works well, and immediately.

Communication tools

All communication can be automated and customised through the Bookingsync workflows system. This includes scheduled contacts and messaging, pre-designed FAQs, confirmations, and feedback and reviews. The system runs with a central, managed inbox so that all communications are in one place, and communication can be rolled out across email alerts, text messages and messenger services. There is also the option to offer additional services such as experiences, extra bookings, and additional information such as weather forecasts.

Website builder

Bookingsync provide a range of starter templates, grouped into specific target audiences for different properties. However, there is also a template editor for complete customisation. The sites are also SEO focused and generate good results in this regard, while the added geo-localisation feature helps customers to search within specific areas. The proprietary payment and communication systems come as standard with Bookingsync, but the developer API is open and there are a range of integrations to choose from as alternatives.

Price optimisation / Yield management

As a bespoke service, Bookingsync offer analysis and optimisation services based on individual customer needs. For the most up-to-date information, contact the provider. However, as an integration, users can activate Pricelabs for real-time, up-to-date market data analysis and adjustments.


As well as the integrated platforms such as Airbnb and, there are a number of apps available to integrate with Bookingysnc, ranging from check-in services and invoicing to luggage storage and cleaning services. There is also an open developer API, meaning that customised apps can be imported or created to fully integrate with the existing site.

Costs and fees

Bookingsync’s prices are geared more towards multiple property management than small businesses or individuals. As a result, prices start at €285 per month for one property, scaling up to €293 for 20 properties, with no upper limit. There is also a one-off setup fee, which starts at €690. While there is no free trial period, prospective customers can request a demo by contacting Bookingsync directly.

What is special about Bookingsync?

Bookingsync is a tool aimed specifically at businesses with larger portfolios. To match the fact that its costs are higher than its competitors, the website service, automated communications, and payments systems are all high-end, with a guarantee of no double bookings or other issues. The setup fee covers getting the systems in place to be able to run your site with multiple automations, rules, and data collection points. All previous data can be imported into the Bookingsync system, which is again covered by the setup cost.


Bookingsync in social media

Bookingsync uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to post tips, blog posts, and more in multiple languages.


Bookingysnc have created a product that caters to property mangers with up to (and over 2000 properties) across multiple countries. The level of support offered is commensurate with the size of operation that the site’s customers are often running, with an additional setup stage to ensure that new managers get the assistance they need to get up and running seamlessly. On the flip side, established firms can port existing material across and use the open developer API to completely customise the way in which they use Bookingsync, meaning that the platform can be as managed or hands-on as required.

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Bookingsync Reviews

4.8 of 5 stars
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4.8 of 5 stars

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  1. The buzz phrase is "centrally managed" - imagine all the different sites, emails, payment methods etc. condensed down into one place, and how much easier it makes your life. I can't put a number on the amount of hours saved, but it's significant. - from Singleton | 2. September 2020
  2. We changed to Booking Sync from another platform specifically because they advertise themselves as being more about larger companies with several properties, and so far it's proven to be a good decision. - from Amy and Clive | 18. July 2020
  3. It was good to get my hands on a proper demo to run in advance of signing up, and it shows a bit of confidence in the product on their behalf. Ultimately, I feel like I'm getting value for money at the moment - especially on the analysis side - from JHKJHKJHK | 11. June 2020
  4. I can't think of a single extra that isn't covered by some sort of app. And the integrations never go beyond point and click; little to no technical knowledge required. Excellent service. - from Prince | 24. May 2020

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