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About Smoobu

Smoobu is a German company providing vacation rental management software to owners of up to ten properties. The company has been running for three years and operates in several languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Greek. As a cloud-based service, there is no software to download and all hosting takes place on Smoobu at no cost. Smoobu is a preferred Airbnb software partner for %%current_year%%, as well as being recommended on

Key features

Smoobu’s software centralises all aspects of the vacation rental management process, allowing for full control and a single source of reference. Along with a website builder and centralised calendar and booking management system, Smoobu also have a guest experience area. From here, owners or agencies can customise extra guest experiences, such as bike rentals, local tips, and places to see. The website builder allows for full control of features and layout.

Communication tools

Communications with guests can be automated, with email communication centralised and integrated with Smoobu’s software. You can also automate communications with cleaners, ensuring that they know the latest information about bookings and checkouts. The option to integrate with Google Maps also means that you can communicate the precise location of your property to arriving guests as well as nearby places of interest.

Website builder

Smoobu’s paid subscription includes a website builder with a simple, click by click interface. Photos, videos and text can be uploaded, positioned and customised, while the system includes optimisation. You can integrate a booking page and occupancy calendar, as well as a guest experience section. The website builder is designed to be intuitive for people with no technical knowledge, and it automatically optimises photo and video uploads to fit the page and maximise presentation.

Price optimisation / Yield management

Smoobu’s engine provides in-depth analysis to assist owners with pricing and strategies to maximise the potential of their properties. Pricing is centralised for convenience, but there is no option for automated pricing. Instead, it is up to the property owner / agency to set pricing based on the breakdown of information available from Smoobu, which includes seasonal data, occupancy and comparative pricing data from the market.


Smoobu offers a wide range of integrations to cover every aspect of managing a holiday property. From payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe, to smart locks, cleaning apps, luggage storage, and several online check-in services, it is possible to automate every stage of a booking either through Smoobu’s software or one of the third-party applications. There are also integrations available with Google Analytics and Social Wave secure WiFi, with the latter offering a saving for account setup through Smoobu.

Costs and fees

Smoobu offers a 30-day free trial but also has a free, limited version that includes a basic homepage and reservation system. For the full version, the cost is €15.20 per month for the first property, and €4 per month for each additional property when payment is made annually, or €19 / €5 if you prefer to pay monthly. If you are registering more than 10 properties, prices are available on request for the 11th and above.

What is special about Smoobu?

In terms of its main functions, Smoobu offers a service which is in line with the majority of its competitors. However, the guest experience page adds an extra layer of automation and customisation. From this page, different information can be provided at set times, including online check-in, review requests and live information about tours and events.


Smoobu in social media

Smoobu uses Facebook for blog posts, tips, advertising new integrations and special offers.


Smoobu provides a service that covers every aspect of an automated booking and hosting service for holiday rental management. With cloud-based hosting, website building and a range of third-party integrations, including payment, automated check-in, and smart key services, the platform is ideal for owners who don’t live near or visit their properties. With a free version for casual users, Smoobu has also covered most areas of the market, although the software is aimed more at individuals than agencies, as the pricing structure only applies up to a maximum of ten hosted properties.

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4.5 of 5 stars

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  1. Yep, ticks all the boxes although from the standpoint of someone who now manages quite a few properties, it would be helpful if there was automation on the price management side - I know other sites offer this in some form - from Zach | 29. May 2020
  2. It's an absolute godsend not to have to mess around on loads of different sites. Smoobu brings everything together in one place and for someone like me who doesn't really get on with tech, it's super easy to use too! - from Xyz123 | 20. May 2020
  3. Good value for adding extra properties, and the guest folders are useful for adding extras in (we rent out bikes, for example) - it all seems pretty open to adding more features and making it easy for us - from Craig19 | 18. May 2020

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