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About Guesty

Guesty is a multinational vacation rental management software provider that has been running since 2013. With offices in the USA, Australia, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Israel, Guesty provides a service in 15 languages and that can be described as truly global. The focus of Guesty’s business model is more owners and small portfolios than large property management companies, but a bespoke pricing structure, detailed analysis, and automation of every aspect of the holiday rental process means that their customer base spans everything from aparthotels to rural holiday retreats.

Key features

Guesty’s features cover every part of the booking, check-in and payments process as well as website development and price optimisation across multiple platforms from a single, central location. Customers can build branded websites, set automated, timed messaging and set up booking pages for extra activities for customer convenience. The platform can take bookings and payments automatically, or you can charge to have more manual control. Also, data analysis can be used to set automatic prices and manage yield for extra profit. The mobile app is simple to use and means that users don’t have to log on when they want to check or perform simple tasks on their portal.

Communication tools

Guesty offer a centrally managed inbox for all platforms to feed into. Users can either use to manually respond or set up a range of automated responses, that can be delivered in sequence and scheduled for specific parts of the boking and check-in process. Meanwhile, for guests wanting to book any extra services, such as events or trips, you can set up automated messaging for these as well. There is also an automatic reviewing option.

Website builder

The website builder is on a similar line to that of Guesty’s main competitors. Users can build a branded site in a few clicks, with several integration options for automation, payments, and calendar syncing. There is also an open API so users with more specific requirements can develop customised applications to suit their business. You can also sync your existing website with a Guesty site and add features such as discount tickers.

Price optimisation / Yield management

Guesty allow users to set custom rate strategies with automatic price adjustments to suit. You can also set channel-specific mark-ups and apply coupons. Meanwhile, for pricing, Guesty can integrate your site with Marketpalce and enable real-time price updates and management based on market information and / or customer-specific data.


As well as having an open AIP for custom app development, Guesty offers perhaps the widest range of integrations on the market, with well over 200. This includes payment apps, smart key and luggage storage, alarms, extra rental service bookings, digital concierge, and guest experience bookings. All integrations work towards the goal of having a centralised system, so no double bookings or conflicting information will be accessible by guests.

Costs and fees

Guesty doesn’t publish a set list of prices, preferring to treat each customer enquiry as bespoke.

What is special about Guesty?

Guesty’s main strength is the sheer number of integrations it offers at the touch of a button. From calendar management to luggage storage, smart keys, and more, every single aspect of the process can be automated, monitored, and feed into the central data for analysis of your business. The convenience of a central calendar and email / messaging service isn’t something that is much different from its competitors, but Guesty also has one of the most intuitive interfaces available on the market today.


Guesty in social media

Guesty maintains an active social media presence, posting tips, blogs, statistics and offers to its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Often referred to as an Airbnb specialist, Guesty’s main focus is property owners with holiday homes or apartments for short-term rentals. However, the sheer number of possible integrations, coupled with an intuitive website builder with branding, and bespoke pricing structures to suit individual needs, mean that they are also set up to cater to agencies and even property management firms with multiple properties. As an international company with offices across the world, they also have substantial reach which lends itself well to a portfolio. Their automation options, as with most of their competition, also mean that use can be as hands-off as you need.

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4.5 of 5 stars

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  1. Lots of comms possibilities - I like being able to use multiple methods, as it seems to be what people want nowadays; messenger etc. It's all good - from Paul Martin | 24. July 2020
  2. The main function of Guesty is to centralise everything and it does that well, but the real excellence of this platform lies in all the extra app add-ons - things like smart key, luggage storage etc. for guests. It really takes a weight off and makes sure you can provide a premium service with little effort - from C&B86 | 14. July 2020
  3. If you're like me and you're managing your property remotely, it's handy to be able to do keyless access and go through all the nitty gritty of checking in without needing to physically be present, and Guesty handles all that with no issues so far. - from Irene Jacobson | 31. May 2020

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