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About Bookiply

Bookiply is a hybrid vacation rental management service provider, in that it is open both to private owners and agencies. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the company has been running since 2016 and is part of the Holidu group, an international search engine and travel tech firm. Bookiply offer a central point of management for properties and bookings, with a range of compatible sites, which are accessible from a single account. Bookiply is a certified partner of for %%current_year%%.

Key features

Bookiply’s main aim is to provide convenience and ease of use to property owners and agents. The tool is accessible via mobile and each account holder has a dedicated account manager to help with market trends and insights. While synchronised calendars and multiple platform compatibility are the norm in the industry, Bookiply also provides a professional photography service, acting as a go-between for specialist partner property photographers and Bookiply users.

Communication tools

The main communication tool that Bookiply offers is its central booking notifications on the app. While it doesn’t offer automated emails as standard like its competitors, it does offer other communication tools depending on the site. As the company is mainly focused on simplicity, many of the extra tools associated with vacation rental management vary depending on the platform you’re using to advertise your site, as Bookiply simply defers to their terms.

Website builder

Bookiply does not offer a website building tool; however, they provide a “quality content” service with optimised property descriptions and layouts, as well as accurate written content that has been translated by native speakers.

Price optimisation / Yield management

Rather than providing a centralised yield management and analysis system, Bookiply effectively acts as a third party for your interactions with platforms such as Airbnb, etc. This means that you have access to the statistics and analysis from these individual platforms, rather than an proprietary Bookiply service.


Bookiply allow full access to the portals that you advertise your site on, meaning that integrations vary from platform to platform, depending on what they are offering.

Costs and fees

The prices on Bookiply depend on the level of service and the platforms you are accessing. As such, pricing is bespoke and available on request. However, Bookiply do run a best price guarantee, ensuring that you maximise your net profit after portal commissions.

What is special about Bookiply?

Bookiply’s main draw is that it is simple to use. While it may not offer the proprietary features of its competitors, such as emailing, website design or yield management, this is precisely what sets it apart. It is faster to get up and running and requires less effort than other vacation rental management providers.


Bookiply in social media

Bookiply use Facebook for blog posts and tips for maximising revenue and Instagram to show off the best of their photography and drone footage.


First and foremost, Bookiply is geared towards speed of access and set-up, and ease of use. For this reason, it is a strong choice for individuals looking to maximise revenue from holiday properties as quickly as possible. However, the unfettered access to the major platforms, such as Home Away and Airbnb, along with their proprietary analysis, pricing structures and communication tools, means that there is more flexibility than with a completely centralised software offering. For this reason, the software will also be of interest to agents who want to target specific sites for specific properties.

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4.3 of 5 stars

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  1. While there is plenty here to make your life a bit easier, I can't help but feel that Bookiply are missing something with no opportunity to make a website or do some real proprietary personalisation to make your properties stand out. - from Engiver27! | 15. July 2020
  2. Just having a central calendar and one inbox is enough for me - I can't recommend using this service highly enough - from barbara angers | 6. June 2020

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